Chenmou Wu: The Heart of Gratitude


<The Heart of Gratitude >


More than one decade,

 I have been living freely in North America.

When every Thanksgiving Day comes,

I always have a lot of feelings

For how to show my gratitude.


Vicissitudes of life,

Leaves a lot of marks on my face.

With the help of my family, relatives

And the blessings of friends,

Everything is worthy of thanks.


Fate is so changeable and so elusive,

Even difficult to grasp.

Once a fantastic fate may become past

Then new encounters often arrive unexpectedly.


In this world,

There are two kinds of destiny

That is unchanging and indisputable.

They are,

The parents who gave us bodies,

And the God who gives us spirit.


Be grateful,

Not be indiscriminate or obscene.

Our parents should get it.

Only Almighty God is most worthy to bear it.