Wu Chenmou: The Call of Modern China's History

The Call of History
Chenmou Wu: The Call of History of Modern China

It has been nearly half a century since the Cultural Revolution broke out in the 1960s. The nationwide movement was under "Innocence in Revolution, Rebellion by Justified", so the whole mainland suffered unprecedented devastation. Until Mao's death and the collapse of the "Gang of Four", the Cultural Revolution went broken, and the wheel of history led into a dangerous path. Since then, China has changed dramatically in the past half-century from poverty, a weak country, to the world's second-largest economy. If it put this period into the long history, it will be too short, like as short as a mere snap of fingers. Within this short fifty years, it seems to repeatedly verify an old saying in an ancient book of <Zuo Zhuang>, "Although prosper rapidly, but also die suddenly".