Fenglin Wu: Hero of a fairytale world (1)

Fenglin (Alina) Wu  

Taming an ice dragon

Have you ever defeated a dragon before? I bet not. Let me tell you how I bested one!

---- A fifth grader's Diary

 Day 1 

        After finishing dinner, I made my way upstairs to the bathroom. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and took a quick shower. Changing into my pajamas, I turned off the lights and got comfortable in my slim bed. It wasn't long before I dozed off and drifted into a dream. In the dream, my eyes opened to find myself covered in snow, lying on icy ground.

        My body jolted upright as I tried to stand up, but the sudden movement startled me, and I found myself unable to move. I was in a snow-covered forest, surrounded by tall pine trees with distant mountains visible through the falling snow. My gaze landed on a small cottage made of wood, held up by sturdy stone pillars. With all my strength, I stumbled towards the warm light emanating from the cottage. I was in awe of the magical sight but couldn't comprehend how the light was present without any visible source, not even a fire that could light up the whole house. I brushed off the thought as I shivered from the cold.

         I entered the cottage with caution and opened the door, stepping inside. The temperature inside was just right, not too warm, not too cold - it felt like spring. I caught a whiff of freshly baked cookies, but there was no one in sight. I felt confused - was this magic too? My stomach grumbled, begging me to eat one of the cookies, and I gave in, reaching for one. I devoured it in a flash. Suddenly, I felt a force pulling me, and I grew very sleepy. My body felt like it was falling.

         I couldn't shake off the feeling that something was not right. My body ached all over, and I felt both hungry and full at the same time. It was all so confusing. Despite telling myself that it was just a dream, I couldn't shake off the strange feeling that lingered in the air. But for now, I decided to put those thoughts aside and enjoy myself in this mysterious dream world.