Chenmou Wu: A Letter from President Joe Biden


A letter from  President Joe Biden to Chenmou Wu




致特拉华州贝尔市  吴称谋 先生 










        乔 · 拜登

Attached is the excerpt from Wu's letter: 

Dear President Biden                                               

October 10, 2022


I am Chenmou Wu, an independent Chinese scholar, and a sworn-in U.S. citizen recently. The United States opened a door of freedom for me to come here as a visiting scholar to do academic exchanges on East Asian cultures at a famous University in 2011. Now, I live in the New Castle county of Delaware, which is your home state.  


President Biden, you have dedicated your life to the American people since you became a senator at Delaware state in 1973. Until today, the door of your sincere service has always been open for different races; moreover, it is wider, more accessible, and unobstructed than before. There are many touching stories circulating in various communities about your great jobs. For example, a 70-year-old Chinese neighbor said that many years ago his mother-in-law encountered a bit of trouble getting a visa to visit him. In desperation, he wrote a letter to you for help. Through your compassionate assistance, they finally had a reunion. I heard this story at his home in Newark when you won the presidential election in 2020. As a resident of Delaware, I am honored and proud of you as the 46th President of the United States.  

It is indisputable that the United States and China are the most important bilateral relationship in the world. On September 21, 2022, you slammed Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in a speech to the United Nations. Democratic countries should unite to prevent this tragedy from happening. Peace-loving people around the world, as well as many Chinese people, agree and appreciate your attitude. As a Chinese person, I would like to express my great gratitude to you and to the White House Office. Many Chinese people sincerely believe your words will never fall short anytime. 


Dear President Biden, once you shared a very philosophical quote at a family ceremony: “Courage is the most important virtue because none of the rest of the virtues will matter without courage. Your mother once educated you with these words in your early years, and it was posted by my friend in an essay who met you in 2020. 

I believe this phrase must have successfully affected your life. On October 4 of The Hill News, “The president has said this himself: He intends to run in 2024,” said White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. As I read this exciting news, I suppose your courage in facing new challenges should come from your mother. Putin's defeat in the Russo-Ukrainian war just proves that you have very rich, mature political experience and wisdom. I believe you will continue to make new glorious history and I will support you.

Courage also determines the boundaries of spirituality. Just because I am Chinese, I hope my compatriots will be free and happy in the future. In addition, as a global citizen, anyone should have spirituality, and let this world have peace, love, and happiness.


God bless the USA!

Respectfully yours, 


Chenmou Wu