Fenglin Wu: Hero of a fairytale world (2)

Taming an ice dragon

Have you ever defeated a dragon before? I bet not. Let me tell you how I bested one! 

---- A fifth grader's Diary

Day 10

     I woke up, staring at a grand ceiling that was unrecognizable to me. As I looked around, I saw an elf standing in front of me, tall as my principal, Ms. Thomas, with pointy ears that gave it away. I found myself in a stranger's home, with a non-human stranger watching over me. At this point, it wasn't even surprising. I gazed suspiciously into the elf's dark green eyes, almost as if I could pierce its soul. Just kidding! The elf seemed to get nervous, and I finally asked the big question: Who are you? Where am I? How long did I sleep?

    The elf responded by saying that she was an elf nurse, tasked with taking care of me and watching over me. She said it was her duty to be of service to me, calling me a Hero! I was confused because I didn't understand why she was so kind to a stranger, why I was being called a hero, or who had ordered her to nurse me back to health. I asked all my questions, and the elf explained that when I killed an ice dragon, I saved the entire race of elves, millions of living beings. I had no idea that I had saved about a million living beings, and I thought I couldn't be surprised anymore!

    So, you are feeling confused and unsure about being called a hero for defeating a handicapped dragon. You question if you deserve the title of a hero, and wonder if people see you as brave or strong. However, when you meet the female elf named Esmeralda, she not only calls you a hero but also admires your name. You feel uncertain about your name, but she explains that it belongs to a young hero from another world who appears every century to slay a dragon with incredible strength. You realize that you share the same name and the same heroic fate.

    It is understandable to feel confused and uncertain about being called a hero. However, being a hero is not just about defeating a powerful enemy or accomplishing extraordinary feats. It is also about the bravery, determination, and selflessness that one displays in the face of adversity. Your actions, no matter how small, could have made a significant impact and helped save lives.

    As for your name, it is unique and has a special meaning attached to it. You share a name with a legendary hero, which can be a source of inspiration and motivation. Your name is a part of your identity, and it is essential to embrace it and be proud of it.

    Overall, it is okay to feel uncertain about being called a hero or having a unique name. However, it is essential to recognize and appreciate the qualities and characteristics that make you stand out. You are unique, and that is what makes you special.

    On day four, an escort requested my presence, saying their elders wanted to see me once I was well enough to move. After taking a shower, the escort led me to a meeting room located in the same building I was already in. The doors to the room were massive, adorned with magic and fancy designs in the primary color of green, fitting the forest where all the magical creatures reside. The elders greeted me with gratitude in their eyes and invited me to sit on a giant throne, which I found excessive for a mere welcome. However, they explained that the meeting room was disguised as a throne room, as the Hero in their legend was too humble to accept a palace.

    It seems like you have found yourself in a magical world full of mythical creatures, and the elders are keen to meet and welcome you. It is interesting to note the different customs and values in this world, such as the Hero's modesty in rejecting a palace. It is essential to respect and adapt to these customs while navigating this unfamiliar world.

    As you embark on your journey, it may be useful to learn more about the culture and customs of this world. This can help you build connections and avoid any misunderstandings or unintentional offenses. Additionally, it is crucial to maintain an open mind and be respectful towards the creatures and individuals you encounter. By doing so, you can build strong relationships and gain valuable insights into this magical world.

    I am feeling overwhelmed and confused after being rewarded with a massive palace. When I asked why I was given such an extravagant gift, the elders explained that my act of killing the dragon was crucial to the survival of the Elven race, who control the forest. If the ice dragon had succeeded, the forest would have become a demon's playground, endangering billions of magical beings. I had no idea that my actions had such a significant impact.

    The elders then dropped another bombshell on me: they want me to be in charge of the whole forest, which is home to billions of magical beings. This request is asking too much of a 10-year-old who hasn't even started middle school yet. I struggle to control my emotions when I am sad or angry, let alone manage the safety of an entire forest. However, I feel like I have no choice but to accept this responsibility. If the strongest person in the world refused this duty, the consequences would be catastrophic.

    While I am feeling overwhelmed by this newfound responsibility, it is crucial to keep an open mind and learn as much as I can about the forest and its inhabitants. By doing so, I can build relationships and gain valuable insights into how to protect and manage the forest effectively. It will be a steep learning curve, but I am ready to rise to the challenge and do what I can to ensure the safety of the forest and its inhabitants.

    I am feeling incredibly confused as to why I was rewarded with such a grand palace. The elders explained to me that if I had not killed the dragon, the entire Elven race would have ceased to exist. They are the most crucial race in the forest, controlling it alongside high-leveled demons and spirits. If the ice dragon had killed the Elves, it would have gained control over the entire forest, turning it into a demon's playground. I had no idea what I did had such a significant impact.

    But then they dropped an even bigger bombshell on me. They told me that I have control over the entire forest, with billions of magical beings. I'm just a 10-year-old kid who's not even in middle school yet! I can barely control my emotions, let alone billions of people. But I can't refuse; these people need me, and if I do refuse, I'll regret it forever.

    The elders have provided me with my own palace to stay in, complete with a comfy bed and warm blankets. I'm thinking about making an alliance with the human kingdom if there isn't one already. The elders agree and inform me that humans are one of the weakest races, and there is no alliance.

    Feeling exhausted after the meeting, I tell the elders that I need some rest. They lead me to my chambers, and I realize how grand and luxurious my room is. I spend the rest of the day sleeping in my nightgown. It's been a long and overwhelming day, and I am signing out for now.

 Day 11

    I ventured out on an important mission and donned my custom royal attire only after taking a refreshing bath. Using a teleportation device, I materialized outside the palace gates, where I was greeted by a grand royal carriage and a seasoned driver. After all the surprises I had experienced, I had become adept at masking my emotions. No more panicking for me! My objective was to forge an alliance with the human kingdom of Stacilla, named in honor of a beloved queen. I boarded the carriage, and soon we were soaring through the sky toward our destination. In no time at all, we arrived at the human kingdom, the journey taking a mere five minutes.

    As I enter the human castle, the guards seem intimidated by my presence. I try to approach them kindly and ask if they could open the gate so I could meet with their leader. They are curious about my visit, so I explain that I am here to form an alliance with their kingdom. After a moment of confusion, they open the gate for me, and I make my way to meet with their leader. The castle is immense, and it takes me a while to reach the center where the leader is located. When I arrive, I introduce myself and explain my intentions. The leader seems skeptical at first but eventually agrees to hear me out. We spend hours discussing the possibility of an alliance, and after much negotiation, we finally come to an agreement. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, knowing that I have the support of the human kingdom. I teleport back to my palace, feeling relieved and accomplished.

    As we begin to negotiate, I notice that the King and Queen are both very shrewd and tough negotiators. It's clear that they have a lot of experience in diplomacy, and I have to be careful not to let them take advantage of me. However, I am also determined to make a strong alliance with the human kingdom, so I stand my ground and present my proposals confidently.

    We discuss various terms, such as mutual protection, trade agreements, and cultural exchange programs. The King and Queen are particularly interested in our magical abilities and offer to provide us with resources and technology to help us better control and utilize our powers. In return, they request our assistance in defending their kingdom against external threats, such as invading armies or rogue magic users.

    After several hours of negotiations, we finally come to an agreement. We sign a treaty of alliance, which includes all of the terms we discussed, and exchange gifts as a symbol of our newfound friendship. I feel relieved and proud of myself for successfully negotiating such an important agreement at such a young age.

    As I leave the human castle, I reflect on the day's events and realize that being a hero and leader is not just about fighting monsters and protecting people. It's also about diplomacy, negotiation, and building relationships with other nations. I feel grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in this way, and I look forward to the future with a newfound sense of confidence and purpose.

    When asked why I sought an alliance with a weak kingdom, I explained that before arriving here, I was once a helpless kid, just like the weaker kingdom. The strong have a responsibility to protect the weak so that nobody can harm them. They believed me since they already suspected I was human, and so they agreed to the alliance. When asked what I wanted or needed from the alliance, I mentioned that I loved the delicious tea and vibrant atmosphere of the kingdom, but I also wanted to avoid being stared at with suspicion, which made me uncomfortable. I knew that humans would create false rumors, so I wanted to avoid unnecessary attention. Eventually, the human kingdom of Stacilla and the forest kingdom of mystical beings, now called Easton Forests, formed an alliance, and the negotiations were a success. After returning home to Easton, I had dinner alone, wrote down my thoughts, and prepared for bed. That was all for the night.

 Day 12

    I wake up early in the morning to the warmth of the sun on my face. As a ruler, it's important for me to start the day early. I'm also eager to learn more about this world, particularly the history of my kingdom and a few others. I'm thinking about how I can communicate with the people and how I can write in a way that they will understand. It turns out that the human kingdom uses a language that is almost the same as the language here on Earth, albeit written in a cursive-like script.

    I ask the librarian to give me personal lessons on history, and they graciously agree. I can only imagine how honored they must feel to be providing individual lessons to someone who rules an entire continent, essentially the entirety of all forests. During our first lesson, we discussed the geography of the forest, which is divided into different territories and tribes of beings. Only one city, Easton's capital, welcomes all beings to come and go freely. The other tribes are less welcoming to outsiders. I also learned that there is a reason why Stacilla feared Easton forests, beyond the obvious fact that we are incredibly powerful.

    The reason for Stacilla's fear of Easton forests dates back to a failed attempt at forming an alliance through marriage. The king of Stacilla was initially caring towards the queen, but he became incredibly greedy after the first night of their wedding. I suspect that he may have been possessed by a demon, but the elves of that time believed that he was merely acting out of his own volition.

    I ask the librarian if it's possible that a demon could have corrupted the king's mind, but they explain that the barrier around the forest makes it impossible for outsiders to enter. Therefore, the demon must have already been inside. I suggest that the demon might have possessed someone close to the king, and the librarian agrees that the closest and most suspicious people at the time were likely involved.

    The closest and most suspicious people at the time of the failed alliance through marriage were the priest, the mage, the best man, and the royal baby. The priest, who was the second closest to the king, was known to chant words that sounded like a spell. The mage, who looked evil and greedy, was suspected of using magic for personal gain. The best man, who was the third closest, appeared uneasy during the wedding. Finally, the royal baby, who was the closest to the king, was eyeing people cautiously.

    Initially, it may seem unlikely that a baby could be involved, but the librarian confirmed that there were no magic traces involved, ruling out the mage and the priest. The best man was just nervous, leaving the baby as the only possible suspect. The baby was the perfect target for possession, as it would never be suspected. The librarian also mentioned a rumor about a royal baby playing in the garden of roses and wandering deep into the forest.

    According to the rumor, the baby was lonely and wanted a friend. It cried, and a demon heard its cries and made a deal with the baby. The demon would become the baby's friend for eternity if it could possess the baby freely, and the baby agreed to the deal. This story appears to be true, and it provides us with a vital clue about the possession of the king.

    After my lessons on the different races in my kingdom, I am feeling quite fatigued. I took note of their physical characteristics and how to differentiate them. Here is what I learned:

    • Demons emit a sinister aura that is mainly black, red, and dark purple. They can take any form and can even mimic other races. They are born as magic users.

    • Spirits, on the other hand, do not have a natural physical body and can take on any shape or size. They are often bound to a magic user.

    • Elves are majestic creatures with long pointy ears, tall stature, and hair that is never red or black. They are born as magic users.

    • Half-elves are usually shorter, have short pointy ears, and their hair can be red or black. They are born as magic users.

    • War beasts are a mix of humans and animals but tend to be more animal-like. They are taller, broader, and more muscular than regular animals.

    • Demi-humans are also a mix of humans and animals, but they tend to be more human-like. They are usually weaker than war beasts, shorter, and less muscular.

    • Dwarves are the shortest race in the kingdom, but they are the best artisans. Male dwarves often have beards.

    • Humans can be either tall or short, have round ears, no silver hair, and tend to be weaker than most other races.

    After writing down my notes, I quickly went to bed, feeling quite tired from all the new information.

Day 13 

    As the days passed, I started to doubt if my adventure in the fairytale world had really happened. It felt so surreal and distant, almost like a dream. But deep down, I knew it was real. I had felt the magic and witnessed the wonders of that world.

    I spent my days at school daydreaming about going back, imagining all the things I could do and the people I could meet. I tried to focus on my studies and my everyday life, but my mind kept wandering to that other world.

    Months passed, and I had almost given up hope of ever going back. But then, one night, as I drifted off to sleep, I felt a familiar tingle in my body. Before I knew it, I was back in that royal room, staring at the same painting of the forest.

    I grinned, feeling a rush of excitement and anticipation. I knew that my adventure was just beginning.


    Once again, I woke up to the sunlight on my face and realized I was back on Earth. I searched my house for a book or anything related to my experience in the fairytale world but found nothing. I realized it was already Friday, and when I had entered the fairytale world, time on Earth had frozen. I got ready for school, forgetting to lock the door, and had to run back to close it. I hoped that I would be transported back to that royal room once I fell asleep. 

    Now, I was back to my ordinary life, spending my days at school like usual. Everything had returned to normal, and I waited patiently for the chance to go back again.