Hero of a fairytale world (2)

Fenglin (Alina) Wu  

Have you ever defeated a dragon before? I bet not. Let me tell you how I bested a dragon!

---- A fifth grader's Diaries

 Day 10

    woke up, staring at a grand ceiling that was unrecognizable to me. As I looked around, I saw an elf standing in front of me, tall as my principal, Ms. Thomas, with pointy ears that gave it away. I found myself in a stranger's home, with a non-human stranger watching over me. At this point, it wasn't even surprising. I gazed suspiciously into the elf's dark green eyes, almost as if I could pierce its soul. Just kidding! The elf seemed to get nervous, and I finally asked the big questions: Who are you? Where am I? How long did I sleep?

The elf responded by saying that she was an elf nurse, tasked with taking care of me and watching over me. She said it was her duty to be of service to me, calling me a Hero! I was confused because I didn't understand why she was so kind to a stranger, why I was being called a hero, or who had ordered her to nurse me back to health. I asked all my questions, and the elf explained that when I killed an ice dragon, I saved the entire race of elves, millions of living beings. I had no idea that I had saved about a million living beings, and I thought I couldn't be surprised anymore!

        I mean, I don't even deserve the credit; the dragon was handicapped and at a disadvantage. So why am I called a hero? Did they think I was brave? Do they think I'm strong? I tell that to the female elf, but it's like she never heard me. She still called me a hero. I ask for her name, she's all happy, and her name is Esmeralda. Compared to my name, it's more majestic. I tell her my name, Fenglin. She gasps. I'm mentally freaking out inside, wondering what's wrong with my name, but Esmeralda ACTUALLY thinks my name is fantastic, out of the world, the best, literally better than any name in the WORLD. I ask why Esmeralda says that it's the name of a young hero from another world. The story is that they got here because of a wish or dream and appear every century bound to slay a dragon, with strength stronger than any being. I am blessed with a unique foreign look. And.. Their name was Fenglin. That's EXACTLY me. I'm a legend. The elf gets me out of my thought process and gets me back in reality.

        An escort wanted to request me, saying their elders wanted to see me when I was well enough to move. I said I'll be right there after getting myself cleaned up. I wrote what happened on day four and what feels like yesterday. After I took a shower, the escort led me to the room they called a meeting room. The walk was concise and in the same building that I was already in. The doors to the meeting room were so large, fancy, magical, and thick, filled with magic. The primary color was green, and we're located in a forest. This forest is where all the magical creatures live. It's peaceful and keeps out unwanted guests like human poachers or demons. The elders magically appeared before my eyes when I stepped into the large room back to the meeting room. They greeted me with gratitude in their eyes and looked so happy. They told me to sit down on this giant throne. Too much just for a warm welcome. I wondered what it was for. They said this was a meeting room disguised as a throne room! The Hero in the legend was way too modest so the Hero wouldn't accept a palace.

        I am confused as ever, and I ask why I was rewarded with such a big palace? They say that if I didn't kill that dragon, the whole Elven race would cease to exist and that they're the most vital race (except for high-leveled demons and spirits), so they control the forest. And if the ice dragon kills that race, it'll have control over the entire forest and let it be a demon's playground. I was surprised. That nurse only told me a part of why I'm a hero! I didn't know what I did had such a big impact. Then they said something even more surprising. They said that I had control over the whole forest. The whole forest. WITH BILLIONS OF MAGICAL BEINGS. That's asking too much from a kid that's 10, and not even in middle school, or a teenager yet! I can barely control my feelings when I'm sad or angry. And they want ME to protect billions of people? Really? I really want to refuse, but I have no other choice. If I were in their shoes, if the strongest person in the world refused this, I'd chase them down to the ends of the Earth (in this case, the world).

        But these people depend on me. They.. Need me in a way. If I do refuse, I'll regret it so hard my chest will ache, and their confidence will ruin. So, I accept. Where will I sleep? What, in a cave? In a comfy bed, with warm blankets, in a big safe room... heaven. Just heaven right there. I mean, I'll get my own palace! There must be a human kingdom out there, so I'll try to make an alliance if there isn't one, and if there is, I'll go there for visits. That's what I'll do. I told the elders that exactly. They agreed and told me there isn't an alliance. It's that they fear the forest creatures' power. They also said to me that humans are one of the weakest races. Pitiful, I tell the elders that I'm resting now since the meeting wore me out. They told me that I first woke up in my chambers. Chambers as in my bedroom. I didn't really realize how grand and big my room was that I was in since I was busy thinking about other things. After I wrote this, I slept for the rest of the day in my nightgown. I am signing out.

Day 11

        I'm going out on an errand, and I put on some custom royal clothing only after I took my bath. I teleport outside using a device to the front of the palace. This big royal carriage was waiting for me with a veteran driver with it. After all those surprises, I learned how to hide my expressions. No more panicking for me! My goal is to ally with the human kingdom, said to be Stacilla. The kingdom was named after a queen to honor her. I got inside the carriage, and then the carriage was floating, flying to the human kingdom, and we arrived there in about 5 minutes.

        Now that we are there, we're in the capital, the center of the human territory. It's a bit bigger than my palace, and my palace is like half the size of New York.. It seems to me that the human territory is as big as America, and the capital is as significant as a state. Things here are enormous! Mainly because this version of Earth is more than 3x bigger. Back to the alliance, I teleport to the human castle, in the very, very center of their capital, using the same device as before. I meet some guards, and they seem very scared and confused at seeing me.. This isn't an excellent start. In the nicest way possible yet mature, I ask them if they can open the gate and let me inside to meet with their leader. I see that they are curious as to why. I say I'm going to form an alliance with this kingdom. They're now even more confused, and yet they opened the gate. I met with their leader soon after.

        While waiting for the King and Queen, I drink the tea they prepared. It's sweet but not too lovely, warm but not too warm.. Basically perfect! If this is in the human kingdom, I certainly want to purchase this without a problem freely. The meeting room is smaller than the one I was in, yet almost equally beautiful. The King and Queen soon later came into the meeting room, overdressed for the occasion. I mean, I was too, but I thought it was normal for a big kingdom like mine. Anyways, they sit down, and we start negotiating.

        They ask me why I want an alliance with a weak kingdom. I tell them that before I was here, all of a sudden, I was human—a helpless kid. And the strong use their power to protect the weak so that no one may harm you. They believed me since I had the traits of a human and had already suspected I was one. And so they agreed. They asked what I'd get from this or what I wanted/needed. I said that the tea here is delicious, the place is lively, and such a colorful place doesn't fit with a sorrowful look. I also said I wanted to come here without people staring at me with suspicious looks; it's uncomfortable. Then, humans will create false rumors. That's about me. Then the human kingdom, Stacilla, allied with the forest kingdom of mystical beings, now renamed as Easton Forests. The negotiations are done, and it's a success! After all that work, my guards and I returned to Easton, home. I ate dinner alone and prepared for sleep wearing my nightgown. I write all this down then climb onto the bed to sleep. I was signing out.

Day 12

        I wake up in the morning with sunshine on my face early in the day. Being a ruler now and all it's a necessity. I'm also thinking about learning more about this world, mainly my kingdom's history and a few other kingdom's histories. How I write here so they can understand, and how I'm about to communicate with these people. And it seems like the human kingdom uses almost the exact same language; Earth here has English. Just more like cursive-ish. I ask the librarian to teach me history and give me personal lessons. They said they were honored to. I mean, I'd be, too, providing individual lessons to someone who rules a whole continent, basically the whole entirety of all forests. The first thing we talked about was the whole place I led. This forest is split up into territories in different tribes of beings. One city welcomes any being to come and go: Easton's capital, in the very center of everything. Tribes usually don't let strangers in. There's also a reason why Stacilla feared Easton forests, other than being ridiculously powerful.

        It is the reason why I was in the past. They tried to ally with marriage, and it didn't go out very well. The king was greedy and didn't care about the queen. After the first night of their wedding, he became greedy, utterly different from his caring side. Now I'm thinking, and maybe he was possessed by a demon, a greedy one at that. Though the elves at the time thought he was just acting it all out. I ask the librarian if there is a possibility a demon corrupted the king's mind. The librarian said there is no possibility of outsiders involved because of a barrier. Then the pest must've been inside.

        I tell the librarian that the demon was already inside, maybe by already possessing a person inside. The librarian says that the closest and suspicious people at the time were.

1. The priest- second closest, said words that are a chant

2. The mage - looked evil and was greedy

3. Best man - third closest and was looking uneasy

4. Royal baby -closest to the king and eyeing people cautiously

        Now, I know what you're thinking. Why is a baby there? Well, because no one will suspect a baby, right? The librarian also said that there were no magic traces involved. So not the mage. Also, the best man was just scared of big crowds, so not him. The priest also uses magic, so not him. It's.. The baby. The baby doesn't use magic—fewer emotions during the wedding. You already know the rest of the details. It just fits. The baby will never be a suspect, so it's the best person to possess! There was also this rumor going around saying a royal baby was playing in the garden of roses. The baby wanders off to the forest deep, deep in. The baby is lonely, and it wants a friend. It cries. A demon heard its cries and made a deal with the baby; if the demon can freely possess it, it will be its friend for all eternity. The baby agreed. The end. Now, I think that rumor is true, telling us a hint.

        I stop my investigation for now, and I want to know about the other races how to distinguish them. Here it is:

Demons' sinister aura, mainly black, red, and dark purple, can have any shape can mimic other races, born a magic-user

Spirits -had no natural physical body, can be in all shapes and sizes, taken a magic user

Elves - tall, long pointy ears, majestic, hair color is never red or black, born a magic-user

Half-elves - usually shorter, short pointy ears, hair can be red or black, born a magic-user

War beasts - a mix of human and animal, but is more animal-like, stronger than most regular animals, tall, broad, muscular

Demi-humans -a mix of human and animal, but is more human, a usually weaker than war beasts, shorter, less muscular

Dwarves-the shortest race, best artisans, and usually males have beards Humans - can be temporary or tall, have round ears, no silver hair, and weak.

After the lessons, I'm tired. I wrote what happened today and rushed to sleep.

Day 13

        I wake up groaning, with my face in sunlight, again. I'm back on Earth. In my home, I look around for a book or something, the thing I wrote about what happened in the fairytale world. I found out how it's Friday and time on Earth Froze when I went to the fairytale world. I prepare to go to school, forgetting to lock the door and then running back to close it. Me hoping to go back again once I sleep getting teleported back in that royal room. Now, I'm back to my everyday life, my average school days. Everything is back to normal. I was waiting and waiting to go back, patiently.

The end.