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The Communist Virus

     The history of humankind has developed into the twentieth century, and the world's political landscape has undergone tremendous changes due to World War I and II. Its far-reaching influence has continued to the present. After the First World War, the colonial predatory capitalist development basically ended. The modern world's major religious issues and ideologies almost all started to manifest after World War II. At the same time, the First World War spurred the rise of Communism in Europe, especially after the October riots of the Russian Bolshevik Party in 1917 that produced the first Communist totalitarian state. According to historical research, Communism originated first from Marx's "Specter," that Marx clearly stated in <The Communist Manifesto>. Later history proved that the utopian communist system that led to the road of slavery had the looming shadow of <The Communist Manifesto>. In addition, the First World War also promoted the Islamic Religion to break out from the Arabian Peninsula and started to expand malignantly. At the same time, it also gave birth to a cancerous root for the century-old conflict and confrontation in the Middle East that is difficult to eradicate.

The Communist Manifesto (Norton Critical Editions) by Karl Marx ...

    In short, since the last century, human society's main confrontations have been between totalitarianism and democracy, autocracy and freedom. The ideological roots of totalitarian scourge mainly have three dominant streams, one is Nazism, another is Communism, and the other is Islamic Fundamentalism. The Nazi Camp, the Communist Camp, and the Islamic Camp constituted by these three doctrines unified into a totalitarian evil world. The energy source for the blessing of freedom originates from the unrestrained capitalism, rooted in Christianity as the spiritual faith. It constitutes four prominent democratic in western nations, thus creating a vibrant and prosperous world of freedom. Since World War II, these two types of doctrines of very different nature have caused confrontations and contests between the two camps on the planet of earth.

民主与独裁指数- 维基百科,自由的百科全书
Totalitarianism and Democracy, Autocracy and  Freedom

       In Chinese history, during the pre-Qin period, there were hundreds of schools of contention in the Spring-Autumn[i] and Warring States[ii]. The legalism represented by Shang Yang[iii] gradually became the most popular rule among the rulers of all dynasties. If summed up in modern language, Shang Yang's "Book of Lord Shang" would be called "Shangism". After China entered the imperial mode of social order, a tradition of "Honor one school while ousting hundreds of other schools" started to predominate for more than 2,000 years. The ancient imperial dynasty has always been "applying Confucianism towards foreign people but using Legalism towards Chinese people". Today, the Chinese Communist Party's red dynasty regime ostensibly is paying singular loyalty towards Marxism. However, it is a Lenin-Stalin's party-state system using Shang Yang's herdsman technique. Marxism is the hallmark, Leninism is the core, Stalinism is the essence, and Shangism is both a means and an end. After the Soviet Union's disintegration in 1991, the CCP avoided mentioning Leninism and Stalinism because history has proven wrong and failed theories. Now Lenin and Stalin have been denied in Russia and criticized worldwide. To maintain the foundation of its rule, the CCP had to continue using the Marxist signboard. In fact, it used commercial martingale methods to cover up the core and essence of its rule and carried out a dictatorship that is both deceiving and self-deceptive. In this way, the Chinese Communist regime's party culture will inevitably become a hodgepodge of a mixture of despicable cultures of both East and West.

The Book of Lord Shang - A Classic of the Chinese School of Law by ...
The Book of Lord Shang 

      Although the dynasty continued to change in Chinese history, even when the minority ethnic groups of Hu and Di[iv] plunged into the Central Plains of China, Confucianism and legalism were the rulers' consistent magic weapons. Those are because Confucianism has advantages that fit the divine-human nature with its superiority. In contrast, legalism has many aspects that cater to human nature's weaknesses and have their disadvantages. The difference between the current Red Dynasty and the previous dynasties is that it uses Dong Zhongshu's[v] version of "Confucianism", which is a type of Confucianism that integrated the Legalism elements, became "native" to most modern Chinese people. At the same time, "Marxism" is a foreign product. Not only is it unacceptable, but it has also been proven to be a scourge and is compulsory for all people to accept. Thus, for the CCP to rule the Chinese people, strengthening brainwashing education and silencing people's voices must become their unshakable party policy, and CCP lies must become an indispensable tool. Although silencing people's voices allows the CCP to rule the Chinese people and achieve temporary rigid stability to a certain extent, it has caused tremendous suffering for the Chinese general public. Over the past seventy years, the enormous disasters suffered by the mainland Chinese have all been related to the prohibition of freedom of speech, which in turn has to do with the erroneous "Marxism".

   As stated by the Communist Party, Communism is the soul of Marxism. Therefore, to put it bluntly, to say goodbye to Marxism is to deny and abandon Communism. Over the past 100 years, China mainland has been hit the hardest by Communism, making the Chinese nation a practitioner and victim of Marxism. The previous discussion in this article illustrates the point of ending Marxism, at the final analysis, to end the contest of the communist world against the free world. Let China as a nation enter the ranks of modern civilization and politics, let the broad masses of Chinese people gain freedom of thought, and thus embrace the blessings of constitutional democracy.

yingyi on Twitter: "八人封口,九州闭户!你们不下地狱,谁下地狱?棺 ...
Eight Voices silenced, Whole Nation locked 

     In 2020, the global pandemic of COVID-19, if traced back to its source, is essentially a tragedy caused by the long-standing Communist Virus. In the communist dictatorship system, there was no freedom of press or freedom of speech, forcing eight people's voices silenced, then the entire nation locked down, eventually causing the entire globe of earth locked down. The utterly avoidable catastrophe has inadvertently caused a global plague. In the early stage of the Wuhan epidemic, the CCP arrested the doctors who knew the truth to blocked the news, covered up the epidemic, cause the epidemic out of control, and blame the world. On the surface, this seems to be an accident, but it is not. If people study the historical logic and causality behind the event, such an event will inevitably occur in mainland China. Looking back on contemporary Chinese history, starting with the May 7th Anti-Rightist Movement[vi], the Great Leap Forward[vii], the Great Chinese Famine[viii], the Cultural Revolution[ix], the June 4th Massacre[x], including the current Wuhan Pneumonia Plague, which was not the disaster caused by the CCP's silencing people's voices?!

      Compared to biological viruses, Communism is an ideological, mental, and even political virus. It is more terrible than biological viruses, and its harm is severe. In the era of globalization, it has become the public opinion and consensus of all countries globally that the Communism Virus has become a global scourge. In this way, to say goodbye to Marxism is actually how to eradicate the Communism Virus. There are few remaining socialist countries in the world today. If they want to say goodbye to Marxism, they should clearly understand the source of the Communism Virus and its history of evolution.

        In the nineteenth century, young Marx created the Communist Virus based on the communist "Specter Ideology", the virus's genes. Less than 100 years led to the manifestation of the communist system within a short period of human history. One of the First World War results was the rise of the Red Soviet Union and the establishment of the Communist International. The Second World War led to the rapid expansion of the communist system on a global scale. After World War II, two camps formed into the communist world and the free world. The current epidemic of COVID-19 that is now breaking out in 2020 can regard as the beginning of the third evolution of the world's political landscape. The global pandemic is essentially a war, but the first two were hot wars followed by the US-Soviet Cold War. This time it is a virus overrun without front and rear positions. As the United States and China enter the new Cold War, the world's political landscape and human lifestyle will inevitably undergo tremendous and far-reaching changes.

Cold war

    It is hard for people to speculate when Marx's communist "Specter" began to wander in Europe. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the first generation hosts of the Virus of Communism in Russia and the second generation hosts are China and Mongolia. At the time, Mongolia was still part of Chinese territory. The infection manifested in the First World War. Of course, its manifestation is also related to the chaotic situation of the warlords' separatism in China. The third-generation infected victim countries are Eastern Europe, North Korea, and other countries; the viral infection manifestation linked to the Second World War. The fourth-generation infection victim countries of Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and other countries, are mainly linked to the Communist revolution of the Chinese Communist regime, such as the Khmer Rouge. The fifth-generation infection victim countries are small countries such as Africa, Latin America, and the Indian Ocean Countries. Most of these infections linked to the confrontations of the two superpowers, the US and the Soviet Union, which were plunged into a cold war and engaged in an arms race; infected nations include Cuba and Venezuela. The sixth-generation infection victim countries include all countries of the world. The global outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 is essentially a global disaster created and spread by the Communist virus 

      As early as 1958, the dialogue between Khrushchev and Mao Zedong in Beijing completely exposed the Virus of Communism's global strategy. Mao Zedong openly proposed the tactic of "infiltration with communist bacteria", Khrushchev echoed immediately: "There is no armor to prevent such infiltration!"[xi]According to the principle of "things go to extreme must be reversed", the Virus of Communism's evolution will inevitably go to the opposite side. Today, when countries in the world suffer from it, it is also the beginning of a global joint counterattack and eradication of poison. According to the latest news, on June 5, 2020, members of eight western democratic countries and the European Parliament formally announced the establishment of "The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China" (IPAC)[xii], unanimously responding to the CCP's threats and challenges to the global political and economic order.

Nikita khrushchev, mao zedong, lenin (#9634633) Framed Prints
Nikita Khrushchev and Mao Zedong

    For China as a whole, the first mistake in the US global strategy occurred in The 1940s. At that time, the CCP dormant in Yan'an was just an opposition party. However, it disgustingly praised democracy, attacked the Kuomintang dictatorship, and disguised itself as a free and open political party with modern democratic ideas to deceive American politicians in China[xiii]. Those led to the misalignment of US policy toward China and the first misjudgment of the nature of the CCP. On the other hand, judging from the world pattern division, the US government did not strive to maximize World War II results. At the critical moment, the US government gave up supporting the Nationalist Government and abandoned the freedom and happiness of the 400 million Chinese people. In the late World War II, the free world camp headed by the United States did not understand the characteristics of Eastern history and culture and did not achieve the global grand strategy of "chasing the remaining CCP completely out of China to eradicate Communism completely!" They missed the golden opportunity to confine the Virus of Communism inside the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Northern Caucasus, Siberia and Mongolia.

    At the end of World War II in 1945, because of the great trauma and internal friction of the war, Britain, which was once a glorious empire, had declined, and the Soviet Union was not yet a superpower. The United States is the first superpower on the planet to invent the atomic bomb. Whether it was the military, economic, or political power, the United States had sufficient or even absolute deterrent and influence to achieve such containment. The two atomic bombs in Japan had entirely destroyed the fighting will of the Japanese military government. If the United States, Britain, China, those Three Big Giant was united to prevent the Soviet Union from sending troops to the Northeast, diplomatic means and military pressure can also quickly surrender the Japanese Kanto Army. From the analysis of Northeast Asia's geopolitical pattern today, it was a huge historical mistake to allow the Soviet army to send troops to the Northeast.

Farthest Limits of Japanese Conquests

    On the one hand, the final main achievements of China's anti-Japanese war looted by the Northeast's Soviet army, which was a huge loss of the fruits of victory to China[xiv]. Moreover, the southward invasion helped the CCP snatch the Nationalists' victory in the war of resistance. It indirectly contributed to the CCP and Nationalists' civil war, thus hindering the peaceful reunification of The Republic of China. Simultaneously, the subsequent split of the Korean peninsula, the separation of Taiwan from mainland China, and the geopolitical instability of East Asia as a whole laid a huge hidden danger that was difficult to solve.

    The second US strategic error occurred in the 1970s. In the 1960s and 70s of the last century, under the tough economic conditions of the Communist Party of China, regardless of the lives and deaths of the people, the CCP engaged in the persecution campaign inside China to seize power. It continued to bribe small nations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to foreign countries' canvassing activities. Finally, in 1971, it managed to squeeze into the United Nations by voting. At the same time, it forced Taiwan to withdraw from the United Nations. Then-President Nixon of the United States visited Mainland China in 1972 and signed the "Shanghai Communique" From the perspective of world strategy, the United States began to engage with the Chinese Communist Party in 1971. It followed a divergent strategy towards the communist camp to isolate the Soviet Union. From the perspective of the CCP's survival, Mao Zedong suddenly turned 180 degrees because there was a severe political crisis in China due to the Lin Biao incident[xv]. At the same time, China was facing a serious military threat from the Soviet Union due to the Treasure Island incident[xvi]. Those were the reasons that Mao was willing to embrace the US rather than maintain his political power and position.

On February 24, 1976, Chairman Mao Zedong once again met with ...
Nixon and Mao Zedong

    In 1979, the United States formally established diplomatic relations with the Communist Party of China and broke off diplomatic relations with the Republic of China of Taiwan. The United States once again abandoned the Republic of China of Taiwan is a significant force against the communist world. The United States began to deliver various resources to support the economy of mainland China. The establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and The Communist Party of China has compressed the international activity space of the Republic of China of Taiwan, which represents the orthodox status of China.

    On the other hand, after the Chinese Communist Party implemented economic reform and opened up, it unscrupulously developed its economic field. The representative then was Deng Xiaoping's Cat-theory. At the same time, the CCP government insisted on adhering to its CCP political sphere, which had its representative of "adherence to the Four Basic Principles."[xvii] There were two extremely opposing economic and political policies in the same regime, which can only be achieved by the mature use of Legalism in Eastern culture. That was the second misjudgment of the United States towards the evil nature of the CCP.

    The third, The U.S. strategic error occurred at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century. After the June 4th, 1989 Tiananmen Massacre incident, the US government made a moral condemnation on the surface and verbally, but secretly blended and effectively helped the CCP  develop its economy and later join the WTO. As a result, the CCP, the world's largest party, quickly became rich and powerful. After the economic rise, the CCP failed to share the fruits of development and degenerated into a corrupt bureaucracy. The CCP makes full use of scientific and technological means to monitor ordinary people, use the expanded financial resources, material resources, and ambitions to export the totalitarian model, and even exert the influence of corruption infiltration throughout the world. The United States and other Western countries once had this self-deceptive wishful thinking that after the rise of the economy, the Chinese Communist party-controlled government would naturally shift towards the development of universal values. However, what happened was contrary to such expectations. Since Xi Jinping's Constitution[xviii] was revised in 2018, the CCP reactionaries have publicly abandoned the strategy of keeping a low profile and have regressed internally and expanded in all directions. It is only then that Western countries have clearly realized that China's strategies by "delivering and contacting" in the past few decades had failed entirely. That was the third serious misjudgment that the Western countries headed by the United States have made towards the CCP based upon false expectations.

    Since World War II, in the contest between the free world and the communist world, the Western countries led by the United States have repeatedly made mistakes in making critical decisions. At the beginning of 2020, the free world's western countries finally tasted the bitterness of that cup of wine produced by the policies of compromise, appeasement, and false promises in the past over seventy years. Although the US-Soviet Cold War ended with the collapse of The Soviet Union, thus the United States won that round of battle. However, despite the Soviet Union's disintegration as a communist nation, its leftover legacy of autocracy was dead but still exists as a ghost. So far, Russia has continued to form an axis of evil with several other authoritarian regimes and has begun to threaten and endanger the free world's constitutional civilization.

    In the past thirty years, this appeasement policy implemented by Western countries can describe in two idioms: "Raising a Tiger to Bring Danger to Oneself! To Bargain with a Tiger for the Price of its Skin!" In the combats between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party, the US has lost several rounds of battles in a row and each failure is more tragic than the previous one. Over the past decade or so, the Chinese Communist Party and Russia have often performed as a double in the United Nations in disguise. Its adverse effects have continued to increase, and its efforts to hinder the adoption and implementation of The United Nations' resolutions have also continued to increase so that it gradually controls international affairs and fantasizes about becoming a world leader. Today, China and Russia can be regarded as the domineering but barbaric Qin Kingdom[xix] during the Spring-Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, while the United States, Britain, and the West can regard as the six civilized and open countries[xx]. More than two thousand years later, the prelude to the Spring-Autumn and Warring States period has once again begun on a global scale. Catalyzed by the wave of globalization, human civilization has entered a turbulent and volatile historical period.

    Judging from the history mentioned above of the expansion of Communism on a global scale, the title of this book is "See-through Utopia, Farewell to Marxism", behind the seeming understatement of "Farewell," there must be an unavoidable life-death fight between two opposing social systems. Now is the time for this ultimate contest. The future US-China contest will undoubtedly enter a new Cold War period, surpassing the US-Soviet Cold War pattern. Let us not make a bet regarding who will die, but there is no more suspense. If the massive impact of the global epidemic still fails to force the United States to make a firm determination to break away from the CCP, and Western countries still cannot refuse the temptation of corrupt interests, and can still not discard unrealistic fantasies, then the opportunities left for the United States and other Western countries to fight back against the CCP and the win are scarce. Those would be the most horrific nightmare for the Chinese nation and the entire human race...

Farewell to Marxism

    Since the revision of the CCP China's Constitution in 2018, the CCP has entered the Post-Reform-Opening Up Era. The party-state totalitarian system has suffered a "three abandonment" defeat:

•             Abandon collective leadership and tenure.

•             Abandon the fundamental national policy of "one country, two systems."

•             Abandon the diplomatic principle of "peaceful coexistence."

    This move caused the Communist Party of China to fall into the chaos of the "three crises": the ruling crisis, the Hong Kong and Taiwan crisis, and the China-US crisis. The political ecology of "one dictatorship is the main focus, and hard policies are the supplement" has caused the CCP not only to fall into the predicament of not being able to either return to its old mode of operation during the Cultural Revolution or to escape its dead-end through its Economic Reform, but also fall into the dangerous situation of failing to find peace and entering the Cold War with the rest of the world. Only by bidding farewell to Marxism, and cleaning away the entire list of ideologies of Communism/Socialism, China as a nation can achieve a peaceful rise; only by moving towards constitutionalism and embracing universal values can Chinese people have real happiness. Those are not only the CCP controlling the Chinese government's best choice but also the only way out for China!


[i]   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spring_and_Autumn_period  It was a period in Chinese history from approximately 771 to 476 BC (or according to some authorities until 403 BC, which corresponds roughly to the first half of the Eastern Zhou period. The period's name derives from the Spring and Autumn Annals, a chronicle of the state of Lu between 722 and 479 BC, which tradition associates with Confucius (551–479 BC).

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